Madden NFL Social on Facebook and iOS: Everything we know so far

Madden NFL Social screens
Madden NFL Social screens

Die-hard football fans are already well aware that the 2012 NFL season is underway, with the first games over and done with. With 15-some more games to go this fall and winter, you footballers are likely looking for any way to interact with your favorite sport. The new Madden joint on consoles will surely sate that hunger, but what about when you don't have an hour for a game or when you're out and about?

It looks like EA has you covered this season, with the imminent (and free) release of Madden NFL Social on Facebook and iOS. But aside from the game's announcement during this year's E3 in Los Angeles, the publisher has been rather mum on the whole affair. As we patiently await a way to engage with the pigskin 24/7 during the NFL season, let's break down what we know (and a little but of what we want):


What We Know

Keeping it In the Family
While EA hasn't made a deal of it, it's clear that EA Tiburon in Orlando, Fla.--the studio responsible for the Madden series every year--is in charge of Madden NFL Social. This is an interesting change, considering the original Madden game on Facebook, Madden NFL Superstars, was developed by EA's Playfish, which had little to no sports experience prior. This bodes well, people.

Madden With Friends
EA has decided to take a turn-based angle with Madden NFL, dubbed Madden Crossfire in which players go blow-for-blow in offensive shoot-outs. We imagine this will be much like a game of Words With Friends, but with shotgun passes and touchdowns instead of word tiles. Oh, and each session on the field (of which you can have many at once) will be rendered in full 3D.

Madden NFL Social screen shots
Madden NFL Social screen shots

Play it (Almost) Anywhere
This version of Madden will not only be playable on Facebook and iOS, but will be playable between Facebook and iOS. This means that, if you were to start a drive session with your friend on Facebook, you could easily pick it up later on your iOS device of choice and finally finish it again on Facebook. Ah, the magic of Facebook Connect--we love technology.

To the Highest Bidder Goes the Spoils
Madden NFL Social is a free-to-play game, no doubt, but players will almost certainly be able to buy their way to a beefier ball squad. But if you'd rather not fork up cash, you'll get to head to the auction house and bid your hard-earned coins on the best NFL players. Of course, you'll be able to sell your own players to make some extra cash as well.

The Heart of the Cards
One aspect of the now-defunct Madden NFL Superstars that this new Madden social game will borrow is its card-based team management system. In order to better your chances on the field, you'll need to fill your team up with the highest-rated player cards, which will be available for coins that you earn from crushing other players in Madden Crossfire.

Madden NFL Social images
Madden NFL Social images

What We Want

To Actually Play Football
One of the most glaring complaints lobbed at the first Madden game on Facebook was that it didn't involve actually playing football. The most you were treated to during a game session were mini vignettes of a game in action. Our biggest hope for Madden NFL Social is that this whole "Madden Crossfire" leads to some real football action.

More Cross-Platform ... ier
For lack of a better word, we want the cross-platform content and experience to extend beyond interaction between iOS and Facebook, but between those two platforms and the Madden games on consoles. Extra goodies in Madden proper for playing Madden on our iPhone? Yes, puhhlease.

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