FarmVille Mystery Game 9/9/12: These prizes bring a touch of whimsy to the farm

The FarmVille Mystery Game has been restocked this evening with a set of animals and decorations that are both whimsical and even a bit magical. These prizes include a Pegacorn, dragon, gnome and more, and a single dart will cost you 16 Farm Cash to throw at the board. Here's a complete rundown of the available prizes (with images) as discovered by the folks at FVNation.

Cyclops Gnome
Fire Triceratops
Giant Spider
Magical Pegacorn
Mystical Dragon

If you can win one of each of these items, you'll receive a special seventh item at no additional charge: the decorative Wizard Owl. Just keep in mind that while this Wizard Owl might be intriguing (and it admittedly does look neat), you'll likely run into duplicates of the above six prizes as you work toward earning one of each, so the process of completing the collection could become a costly one. Still, if that's a price you're willing to potentially pay, make sure to play the Mystery Game before the items disappear at this time seven days from now.

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What do you think of the lineup of prizes in this week's FarmVille Mystery Game? Did you throw any darts at the board this week? Which prize(s) did you win? Sound off in the comments!