FarmVille Jade Falls Chapter 15 Goals: Everything you need to know

If you had asked me how long the Jade Falls goal series would be when the expansion first launched in FarmVille, I would have guessed something around 10 chapters. Now, we're moving into Chapter 15, with a storyline that is still going strong. This 15th chapter comes with six goals to complete over the next seven days, so you'll need to rush a bit in order to finish them all (and earn all of their rewards) in time. We're here with a guide to completing these goals, straight from Zynga, so let's get started.

Paint the Town

  • Get 6 Mineral Paints

  • Harvest 30 Baby Corn

  • Make 2 Moon Cakes

Rewards: 50 ZP, Lucky Koi, 425 Jade Coins

Listen with your Eyes

  • Get 8 Palettes

  • Harvest 12 Unagi

  • Harvest the Lucky Koi 2 Times

Rewards: 100 ZP, Dragon Statue, 850 Jade Coins

Chipping Away

  • Get 8 Stone Chisels

  • Harvest 85 Bok Choy

  • Make 3 Takoyaki

Rewards: 150 ZP, Chinese Fringe Tree, 1,275 Jade Coins

Carve Your Own Niche

  • Get 8 Mallets

  • Harvest 30 Watercress

  • Make 4 Hot & Sour Eggplants

Rewards: 200 ZP, Swimming Panda, 1,700 Jade Coins

The Write Way

  • Get 9 Ink Bottles

  • Harvest 40 Water Chestnut

  • Harvest Any 6 Jade Animal Buildings

Rewards: 300 ZP, Red Umbrella Tree, 2,125 Jade Coins

Brush with Greatness

  • Get 10 Brushes

  • Harvest 40 Green Onions

  • Master Lucky Koi to 1 Star

Rewards: 400 ZP, Dwarf Flying Squirrel, 4,250 Jade Coins

Again, you'll have just a week to complete these goals, so you might want to plan ahead in terms of your crafting and planting so that you'll have the bushels and crop space necessary to finish all of these goals in time. Good luck!

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What do you think of these goals in the Chapter 15 series of FarmVille's Jade Falls? Have you been able to finish each and every chapter of goals before this, or have you missed out on a few prizes along the way? Sound off in the comments!