FarmVille 2 Cheats & Tips: Buy an extra Well for more Water

As you play FarmVille 2, one of the biggest obstacles you'll need to overcome is the game's fairly constant need for water, which is used to water plants and crops and craft food items like Lemon Water or Lemonade. While an early land expansion gives players access to a free Well that can be used to earn 10 free units of Water every four hours, did you know that you can actually purchase an additional Well from the store?

This Well is quite expensive, but is ultimately worth the investment if you're going to be playing FarmVille 2 over the long haul. You can find it by heading into the game's General Store and then clicking on the Buildings tab at the top (it's the one with the red barn). There, you'll see a Well that's available to purchase for 14,000 coins. As we said, that's quite expensive, but as you reach Levels 9, 10 and beyond, you may actually run out of quests to complete (until you level up again), so you can use any excess coins you create during that leveling up process to purchase the Well while you wait.

If you do decide to purchase another Well, you'll need to collect building materials to construct it: three Bricks, three Metal and four Wood Planks. You'll earn these items by asking your friends to send them to you. After that, you'll need to get four of your friends to come staff the Well before you can actually use it.

Once these two steps are completed, you'll have access to even more Water on a regular basis, which should help you complete quests and earn mastery ribbons even faster than you would have otherwise. Good luck becoming a master farmer on your new land!

Update: It looks like additional Water Wells will also unlock as you continue to level up. A third Well, for instance, costs 50,000 coins, but may not be available until after you've hit Level 10. Stay tuned for more!

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Have you purchased a second Well for your farm in FarmVille 2, or did you not realize that a second Well was available? Sound off in the comments!