FarmVille 2 Prized Crops: Everything you need to know

While FarmVille 2's prized animal feature may ultimately be a bit more simple than we would have liked, simply rewarding coins and experience points depending on the kind of animal that has become "prized," the game's prized crops feature is much more interesting... and random.

Once you start growing fertilized crops on your new farm, you'll also start to randomly received massive crops when harvesting. These crops won't bounce around the screen, and you'll actually need to click on them to activate this mini-feature. A pop-up will appear, showing you the weigh-in of the crop, which seems to be mostly random. That is, you can grow a three pound strawberry, or a 10+ pound strawberry all without really doing anything different.

Depending on the weight of the crop you grow, you'll receive coins, experience points and mastery points towards the next ribbon of that crop. For instance, if you grow a three pound strawberry, you'll receive three points towards a ribbon, three XP and a set of coins. As another example, if you grow a 6.5 pound strawberry though, you'd receive even more coins (because the crop simply weighed more) along with seven XP and seven ribbon points.

Ultimately, this feature may rely more on luck than skill, but it's an interesting addition that justifies the continued use (and collection) of Fertilizer on your farm. You can claim free fertilizer from your friends' news posts, or you can randomly receive fertilizer when you feed your own animals on your farm. Good luck growing some massive prized crops of your own!

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What do you think of FarmVille 2's Prized Crops feature? What's the biggest crop you've grown so far? Sound off in the comments!