FarmVille 2 Cheats and Tips: How to make it run like a prized horse

FarmVille 2 tips
FarmVille 2 tips

The newest game from Zynga, FarmVille 2, is a whole new animal in terms of both graphics and gameplay. While it is "just a Flash game," it does come with full 3D graphics and more complex animations than you find in your standard Facebook game. It's entirely possible that you're having issues running FarmVille 2 on your machine, and that's OK. Zynga customer service has posted four tips for how to best play the new hotness so that it runs as smoothly as possible.

Use the latest Adobe Flash Player
FarmVille 2 only runs on Adobe Flash Player 11 (or better). So, it's wise to update to the latest version of Flash on your computer. Do that by clicking on this link right here. Then, restart your browser and head on back to FarmVille 2. Speaking of which...

Use Firefox or Internet Explorer
Sorry, Chrome lovers: FarmVille 2 runs best on Firefox or Internet Explorer as the browser of choice. While you can play the game in other browsers, it might not run as well as it does in either of the former. Mac Users: Zynga claims that FarmVille 2 will often run better on Macs when using Safari.

Close Any Unnecessary Applications
A no brainer, perhaps, but you may see a performance improvement if you close other applications. Since Flash uses quite a bit of memory in most computers, this will free up resources for FarmVille 2.

Upgrade your Video Drivers
Now, this can get a bit complicated: FarmVille 2 works best when your video card drivers are updated. Your best bet is to head to the website of the company that makes your video card, either Nvidia or AMD.

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