CityVille Energy Saver Plaza: Everything you need to know

While we've been given a chance to store community buildings in CityVille before, that storage was limited and many players still had plenty of large buildings left on their land taking up space. Now, you can save just a bit more space in your city by building the Energy Saver Plaza, which will store community buildings and save you energy in the process.

The Energy Saver Plaza can be placed via the "High Voltage" goal, and the base requires four energy to build. From there, you'll need to complete the standard formula of collecting building materials and staff. The first stage of the Energy Saver Plaza requires 25 parts to build:

  • 5 Silver Dynamos

  • 5 Red Dynamos

  • 5 Green Dynamos

  • 5 Gold Dynamos

  • 5 Blue Dynamos

You'll earn these items through a combination of general news items posted on your wall and individual request sent to friends. When the first stage is done, you'll have storage for two community buildings and will then need to ask three people to staff the rest of this first block. You can then collect even more building materials and ask more friends to be staff until you eventually have three full blocks and storage for 15 community buildings in all.

The Energy Saver Plaza functions as a community building itself, offering up to a 1,000 citizen boost to your town's maximum population cap, and you'll save five energy when collecting from a fully upgraded Plaza after it's full. Good luck building your own Energy Saver Plaza and earning all of those additional storage slots!

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What do you think of this Energy Saver Plaza in CityVille? Do you have 15 community buildings available to store inside, or will the release of this storage building actually give you the incentive to build more? Sound off in the comments!