No Apple TV in 2012? Of Course Not!

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Bloomberg recently ran a report that a new Apple TV, whether it be a set-top box or an actual television, won't make an appearance this year. In the following video, Senior Technology Analyst Eric Bleeker describes why this news shouldn't come as a shock to investors. It's not that Apple is lacking in ideas or the right platform for a further assault into the home-entertainment arena; it's that the company still has a long way to go negotiating with cable and content companies.

As Eric describes it, in spite of the success of Xbox 360, the home-entertainment space is still wide open for a user-friendly platform. Apple has the ability to redefine the space, so holding back any upgraded Apple TV until the company has gotten the right amount of interface and content control is the right call. It's not about when an Apple TV comes out, but doing it right so Apple can realize its full potential. To see Eric's full thoughts on Apple TV's release date slipping, watch the following video.

If you're an Apple investor, there's no shortage of areas to be watching in the months ahead. Chatter continues about an Apple TV, and very soon the next iPhone and an iPad Mini are likely to be revealed. To help investors track all the threats and opportunities facing the company, we've created a brand-new report on Apple. It not only details reasons to buy and sell the company, but it also comes with continuing guidance and updates in the influential months ahead. Not only that, but you get plenty of extras, like our brand new report on which iPhone suppliers are set to gain the most from the iPhone 5 launch. Get started now.

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