FarmVille 2 Cheats & Tips: Harvest those crops before friends can!

The first time you login to FarmVille 2 each day (or after a long absence), you might have plenty of friends waiting around on your farm to help you out. By that time, your crops and trees are probably all ready to harvest, and you might think that these friends' actions are now just saving you time in completing steps yourself. However, if you "use" your friends wisely, you can actually get even more out of their visit than just the harvesting some crops or trees.

If you see that activating a friend would result in them harvesting a set of crops on your farm, as an example, make sure that you harvest those crops manually yourself. Then, plant a new set of five crops on those squares and water them, if you have the water available at the time. After you've completed those two steps, you can head back to your friend's avatar on your farm and accept those actions. Now, instead of harvesting crops and doing very little for your farm in the long run, these friends will actually fertilize the new crops that you've just planted.

As you can see from the images above, the friend request was still there, even though we've tended those crops manually, and we've now earned free fertilization from friends in the process (you can tell by the glowing wheat crops that are standing under that friend). With this easy tip, you can make a lot more progress towards prized crops, and are even one step closer to instant harvesting if another friend comes and interact with that same spot. What's more, if you have enough Fertilizer on hand to fertilize these new crops before your activate your friend, you can actually earn instant harvests on a long growth-time crop like Strawberries! How neat is that?

Good luck making more progress in FarmVille 2, and stay tuned for more cheats and tips to help you advance in the game!

Have you already started using this tip to your advantage, or did you already know that you could interact with squares before your friends' avatars do? Sound off in the comments!

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