Space Holiday challenges you to connect the dots... in space!

While the concept of "connecting the dots" may not seem like a challenging one, Powerful Robot Games is looking to change that with its upcoming mobile game Space Holiday. Set to release later this month, Space Holiday on iPhone and iPad will allow players to complete levels of increasing difficulty and complexity, as they try to draw lines between stars to create a full shape, without trapping any sort of obstacle within that final shape.

As is the case with most mobile level-based puzzle games, you'll earn points in each level and will be eligible for up to three stars on a stage depending on how long it took you to complete it. You can replay levels to earn more stars or just a higher score, and will eventually be able to unlock new sets of themed levels as you progress.

We'll have a more in-depth look at Space Holiday after the game launches on September 13, but for now, check out the game's official trailer to learn more.

Are you excited to try Space Holiday when it launches later this month? Sound off in the comments!

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