Pioneer Trail Cattle Drive: Everything you need to know

It's time for the Great Cattle Drive in Pioneer Trail, and players are being challenged to complete a set of eight repeatable goals to earn earn Cowpokes that will help them wrangle more and more cattle. The ultimate prize in this event is a Buckin' Bull animal that your avatar can ride, but you'll need to put in a lot of work before ever receiving it. In addition to these eight repeatable goals, there are also three goals that "wrap" this entire event, and we'll take a look at those too. Let's get started!

"Wrapper" Goals

Cattle Wranglin'

  • Collect 20 Cowpokes from Completing Goals

  • Complete "Helpin' Hands" Goal Twice

  • Complete "Cattle Coordination" Goal Twice

Rewards: Crazier Cake, 20 Cowpokes, 5,000 XP

Dedicated Driver

  • Collect 80 Cowpokes from Completing Goals

  • Complete "Addin' to the Herd" Goal 3 Times

  • Complete "Progress Blocked" Goal 4 Times

Rewards: Frontier Fritter, 30 Cowpokes, Cattle Drive Banner (you can collect a daily bonus from it)

Cowpoke Collectin'

  • Collect 225 Cowpokes from Completing Goals

  • Complete "Leadin' the Herd" Goal 4 Times

  • Complete "Hungry Herd" Goal 4 Times

Rewards: 10 Horseshoes, 50 Cowpokes, Cattle Dog

Repeatable Goals

Pioneer Preparation

  • Gather 20 Bags of Seeds

  • Collect 10 Solid Posts

  • Sell 15 Adult Cows

The Bags of Seeds are earned by clearing Grass, while the Solid Posts come from friends. You'll receive 2 Cowpokes, 300 coins and 500 XP for finishing this first goal.

Helpin' Hands

  • Harvest 20 Black Beans

  • Gather 30 Thick Cut Bacon

  • Collect 15 Buttery Biscuits

Black Beans are a new crop that's available to send (and hopefully receive) via the game's free gifts page. Meanwhile, the Thick Cut Bacon comes from feeding Adult Pigs. Finally, the Buttery Biscuits are earned by asking your friends to send them to you. You'll receive three Cowpokes, 200 XP and another random reward for finishing this goal. That random reward could be either a Dinner or some kind of boost.

Gettin' Gear

  • Gather 20 Tough Lassos

  • Gather 30 Saddle BagsG

  • Craft 5 Hefty Satchels

The Tough Lassos come from harvesting Flax, while the Saddle Bags are earned by feeding Adult Oxen. To craft a Hefty Satchel, you'l need Large Leather Squares (earned by tending Adult Cows) and Sewin' Threads, which are earned by asking your friends to send them to you. You'll receive three Cowpokes, 300 XP, and another random reward for completing this goal. This random reward is some sort of drink, like a Green Lightning.

Cattle Coordination

  • Gather 25 Cans of Beans

  • Gather 80 Delicious Apples

  • Craft 5 Dummy Cows

The Cans of Beans come from tending Black Beans, while Delicious Apples drop when tending Apple Trees. You'll earn seven Cowpokes, a Tamarillo Tree and three Muscle Mix for finishing this goal.

Addin' to the Herd

  • Gather 30 Fresh Milk

  • Gather 20 Wool Blankets

  • Collect 25 Birthing Kits

The Fresh Milk is earned by tending Adult Goats, while the Wool Blankets come from tending Adult Sheep. Finally, the Birthing Kits are earned by asking you friends to send them to you. When you complete this goal, you'll receive five Cowpokes, two Black Beans and 600 XP.

Progress Blocked

  • Gather 15 Hauling Harnesses

  • Chop 6 Fully Grown Pine Trees

  • Craft 4 Clearin' Rakes

The Hauling Harnesses are earned by tending adult horses that your avatar can ride. You'll receive another eight Cowpokes, 700 XP and a random reward for completing this goal.

Leadin' the Herd

  • Gather 35 Surplus Spurs

  • Collect 3 Daily Bonuses from the Barn

  • Collect 25 Trainin' Manuals

Surplus Spurs are earned by tending non-rideable horses on your Homestead, while the Trainin' Manuals are earned by asking your friends to send them over. You'll receive eight Cowpokes, 800 XP and a Tough Hand Tonic for completing this goal.

Hungry Herd

  • Gather 40 Corn Feed

  • Craft 6 Food Troughs

  • Harvest 25 Ripe Tamarillo Trees

The Tamarillo Trees are found to send and receive on the game's free gifts page. Meanwhile, Corn Feed is earned by harvesting Corn and Food Troughs are crafted using Huge Hay Bales (tend wheat), Piles of Alfalfa (ask friends), and Feeder Bins (ask friends). When you complete this final goal in the repeatable set, you'll receive 20 Cowpokes, 900 XP and a random boost reward.

It's likely that this feature will only be available for a limited time, so we wish you the best of luck completing all of the goals in time to win a Buckin' Bull for your Homestead!

[Via and image credit: Zynga]

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