FarmVille Loyal Sporty Doghouse: Everything you need to know

It's only been about a week since the last doghouse was released in FarmVille, but players are already being given yet another chance to add to their virtual canine collections via the release of the Loyal Sporty Doghouse. If you're keeping track, this is the fourth doghouse to be released since Loyal Dogs were introduced to the game, and this particular doghouse comes with some rather large dogs for your farm(s).

As with other Doghouses in FarmVille, your first goal here will be to actually construct the Doghouse on at least one of your farms. You'll need to collect 12 each of Chew Toys and Dog Beds, along with 24 Tennis Balls. Hopefully, you still have some saved in your inventory from completing other doghouses in the game. Either way, once you complete the Loyal Sporty Doghouse, you'll receive a free Parti Australian Shepherd and will unlock the ability to gather four more dogs via treats.

Here's a complete rundown of the five dogs in this feature, along with how to unlock them.

Parti Australian Shepherd - Complete the Loyal Sporty Doghouse
Black Shepherd - Collect 20 Green Treats
American Golden - Collect 40 Green Treats
Rough Collie - Collect 70 Green Treats
Terhuahua - Collect 120 Green Treats

Unfortunately, these treats are different than those used in other Doghouses, so you'll have to start from scratch here. You can earn treats by asking your friends to send them to you, or by purchasing them with Farm Cash, but you can also claim free Treats everyday by tending this Doghouse. As with other Doghouses, collecting from it will also give you coins, dependent on how many dogs you have inside at the time of collection.

As you might expect, these dogs can be mastered, but will only earn mastery stars when they're inside the Doghouse. Once you've earned all five dogs, you can use your excess treats to send your dog out on fetch quests, bringing back prizes for you to use. All told, this feature is basically identical to the other doghouses that have been released over the past few weeks, except for the inclusion of new breeds of dogs and the different color of treats. If you're used to the setup, though, you should have no problem plowing through this feature in a matter of days. Good luck!

[Via and image credit: Zynga]

What do you think of the dogs in this Loyal Sporty Doghouse? Which set of dogs has been your favorite in this feature so far? Sound off in the comments!