FarmVille 2 Prized Animals: Everything you need to know


While FarmVille 2 already comes with plenty of differences when compared to its predecessor, another major gameplay difference is in FarmVille 2's introduction of Prized or Blue Ribbon Animals. This feature will allow you to earn bonus XP and coins for simply feeding animals over and over again, until they eventually qualify.

For most farmers, the first animal that will likely become "Prized" is a chicken, as it has a relatively short feeding period of just a few minutes. You'll be notified when an animal becomes Prized, but if you disregard the notice, you'll also be able to tell due to the increase in feeding time of each of those animals. To be especially clear, you'll need to raise each individual animal to the "Prized" state, as this feature works for each individual animal and not whole species.

Once an animal has become Prized, the next time it's ready to tend, you'll see a blue ribbon thought bubble above its head, rather than a feed pile, as seen below.

Clicking on the animal allows you to automatically "Take it to the show," and a new pop-up will appear telling you what it had won. In the case of this chicken example, you may win 50 coins and a single XP for tending the chicken, as it wins a ribbon at the County Fair. It's possible that these rewards may differ for other animals or even between different tends, but that specifically is still unknown at this time.

As we said before, these Prized animals take much longer to tend, with a single Prized White Chicken requiring 18 hours between trips to the Fair, instead of five minutes like we might be used to. Still, the guaranteed coin rewards are worth it, don't you think?

What do you think of this Prized Animal feature in FarmVille 2? Have you raised any of your own Prized Animals yet? Sound off in the comments!