ChefVille: Give your restaurant an extra pop with themed signs


The second (of hopefully many) market updates has launched in ChefVille, and while it doesn't bring with it a new item theme of decorations and furniture, it does allow us to put that extra pop on the front of our restaurants, as we can now buy and place a themed sign to show off our restaurant's theme.

If you've decided to take after Madeline and create a restaurant that's a throw back to a 1950's Diner, you can purchase a Diner Sign to do just that. If you're going for the "seafood shack" look, you can buy a sign for that too. All in all, there are only five signs available to purchase in this initial release, but if they go over well, many more may be added in the future. Here's the rundown of the available signs, which can be found in the "New!" section under the decorations tab in the ChefVille store.

Starter Sign - 200 coins
Country Sign - 300 coins
Tuscan Sign - 450 coins
Harbor Sign - 700 coins
Diner Sign - 1,000 coins

You're apparently not limited on the number of signs you can purchase, so if you have separated your restaurant into different themed areas, feel free to buy a sign for each. You can also purchase duplicates of the same kind of sign if you're just looking to fill up some blank space on your walls. Stay tuned for more on ChefVille's game updates, as we'll bring you everything you need to know about Zynga's newest cooking game on Facebook!

What do you think of these signs in ChefVille? What other sorts of decorations would you like to see released in the game's store? Sound off in the comments!