Rubber Tacos, Mini Putt Park and more third-party games hit

Rubber Tacos
Rubber Tacos

Some new blood has been married into the Zynga family. During a Publishing Partners event at Zynga HQ last night, the big red dog house announced not only a few new partners, but the first Zynga-published games to hit (Yes, we're as tired of typing the word "Zynga" as you might be reading it.) Here's a glimpse at all the first four third-party games to hit Zynga's platform.

The first is a game we've already seen, Sports Casino. Developed by RocketPlay, this simulator allows players to bet on real-life sporting events in real time as well as play with digital slot machines and the like. Next up is Fashion Designer (how original), a game that's just as it sounds by 50 Cubes. Third in line is Mini Putt Park by Majesco Entertainment and the storied developer's first social game in which you can both run a miniature golf course and get some play time in as well. Finally, we have Rubber Tacos, the quirky action game by Sava Transmedia that sees players bouncing tacos. No joke.

During the event, Forbes reports that Zynga also announced new publishing partnerships with nine new game creators: Antic Entertainment, Big Bite Games, CrayonPixel, Eruptive Games, JamRT, The Method, Playnery, RocketPlay and TikGames. That makes for a grand total of 24 developers signed onto Zynga's publishing program. And Zynga had it's very own "one more thing": The social game giant will publish famed designer Richard Garriott's Ultimate Collector by his new studio, Portalarium, according to VentureBeat. Things are ramping up, but we have one question: Who the hell has the time to play all these games?

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