Star Trek Google Doodle beams up classic adventure game memories

Star Trek Google Doodle
Star Trek Google Doodle

That's it: Google needs to just start developing games full time. (They do everything else, right?) The next Google Doodle game, in honor of the 46th anniversary of Star Trek, conjures intense nostalgia for the best point-and-click adventure games of the '90s. Of course, it also musters up fond feelings of the original series with a nod to the classic episode "Arena".

In this Doodle, the letters play the parts of the stars of Star Trek, with the first "G" being Spock, the "Os" playing Captain Kirk and Uhura, the second "G" standing in as McCoy and the "L" as Sulu. Finally, the "E" is a nameless member of the Federation. (What? No Chekov?!) Hilarity ensues, complete with sound effects and nods to the quirks from the original series.

Seriously, Google: When are you going to start making full games? You've shown prowess in making casual action diddies and now charming, hilarious adventure bits. (Amazon is already way ahead, you know.) An adventure game staring the Google letters playing different roles throughout pop culture history? We'd be so in.

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