ChefVille Second Mixer: Everything you need to know


While players may have dozens of different cooking appliances and ingredient stands in ChefVille, sometimes we're stuck creating multiple units of Tomato Sauce or Ranch Dressing, and simply don't want to wait while a single mixer prepares those ingredients one at a time. Luckily, Zynga has eased our pain this week, as a second mixer has been launched in the game.

The second mixer is of the bright pink variety, and you'll receive one from Colby via a new quest in the game called Mixing Addition. There are three quests to complete in this series in all, so we're here with a guide to help you get through them all.

Mixing Addition

  • Place and Build a Pink Mixer

  • Cook 2 Calzones

  • Craft 3 Times on Any Mixer

The Pink Mixer is an interesting item, in that you'll need to collect different amounts of ingredients to build it, apparently according to your level. While it looks like all players will need to collect units of Saucy Situations and Stirring Statistics, the actual number of each is up for debate. Some players need to collect three of each, while we personally needed four of each. Whatever the case, you'll earn these two items either by posting a general news item on your wall or by sending out individual requests to your friends.

When you finish the Pink Mixer, it will function the same as a regular mixer, offering the same three levels of recipes: Basic, Intermediate and Expert. Building it will simply give you an extra appliance to save time on preparing items for dishes in the long run.

Meanwhile, the Calzones required for this quest can be cooked on the Brick Oven using one Tomato Sauce, one Dough and one Mozzarella. The dish takes six hours to cook, but there are some one-hour-thymes up for grabs when you finish these quests, so there's definitely incentive to keep going even after you've finishing the construction of the Mixer itself. For completing this first quest, you'll receive 1 XP, 10 coins and 2 Wild Onions.

Sauce Sorcery

  • Collect 9 Tomatoes

  • Visit 4 Neighbors

  • Craft 5 Tomato Sauce

Rewards: 1 Garlic, 1 XP, 10 coins

Maximum Mixing

  • Give 5 Chef's Services to Customer Tables

  • Cook 2 Times with Tomato Sauce

  • Get 4 Mixed Messages

The Mixed Messages are earned by posting a general request on your wall. Meanwhile, you can cook dishes like Tomato Soup or Meatball Sandwiches to complete the Tomato Sauce requirement. Keep a special eye on the wording here though - since it only says to "cook" these dishes, you don't actually have to serve them. That being the case, feel free to cook these longer cooking time dishes, without worrying about not finishing the quest until they're cooked. When you complete this final quest, you'll receive three One Hour Thymes, which can be used to speed up the cooking time of a dish by, you guessed it, one hour. Good luck!

What do you think of the ability to have a second Mixer in ChefVille? Are there any other items you would like to have more than one of? Sound off in the comments!