The Ville Doors to Riches: European Rustic items now up for grabs


If you're a fan of the European Rustic items that have been released in the Ville marketplace over the past couple of weeks, but don't have the Ville Cash or coins necessary to purchase some of your favorite items, you'll want to make sure and take part in this week's installment of the Doors to Riches event, as this week's prizes are, appropriately enough, in the European Rustic theme!

Two of the six items are already available to earn, but we're here with a complete look at the full selection of prizes for your reference:

  • Day 1: Blue Riviera Couch

  • Day 2: Blue Riviera Loveseat

  • Day 3: Nouvelle Double Mocha Bed

  • Day 4: Deja Vu Mirror

  • Day 5: Nouvelle Nightstand

  • Day 6: Versailles Rug

The requirements for each of these items differs, but you'll need to earn the necessary prizes by either sending out individual requests to your neighbors or posting a general request on your news feed. If you can win one of each of the six prizes above, a special seventh prize will be yours for the taking: Le Observateur, a painting for your wall.

Remember to continue to login to your Ville game as often as possible so that you can continue to ask for these items before they expire. It's likely that this Doors to Riches feature will continue to update each week for the foreseeable future, so stay tuned for more!

What do you think of this week's prizes in the Doors to Riches feature? Were you able to earn all of the items in the first Doors to Riches event? Sound off in the comments!