Plants vs. Zombies gets crisp Retina display support and more on iOS

Plants vs. Zombies iPad update
Plants vs. Zombies iPad update

Ready for some pixel-free plants (and zombies)? EA and PopCap have released a free update to Plants vs. Zombies on iOS that brings high-def Retina display support to the game along with a bunch of new content for zombie slayers to enjoy. There are five new levels waiting for players to plow through and three new achievements for them to earn through Game Center.

But wait, there's more! The new update also packs a new play mode, Last Stand Endless Mode, a variant on the stock Endless Mode. Unfortunately, however, this as well as those five new levels are going to cost players either 100,000 coins or $.99 through an in-app purchase.

Sadly, that seems to go for the new power-ups in Plants vs. Zombies for iOS as well, with the Mallet Pack of boosts going for either coins or in-app purchase. But hey, at least those plants and zombies will look gorgeous on that fancy new iPad of yours for absolutely free. Does that make it sound better? We hope so.

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