In CSI: Miami Heat Wave, Facebook gamers will ... play with fire

CSI: Miami Heat Wave
CSI: Miami Heat Wave

YEEEAAAAAH. What? It's the best David Carusso we could do on short notice. French games publisher Ubisoft has revealed CSI: Miami Heat Wave, a new Facebook game to pick up where 2010's CSI: Crime City left off since. In the upcoming RPG, you follow investigator Horatio Caine as a rookie crime scene investigator to uncover evidence, interrogate suspects and more.

According to VentureBeat, the game attempts (like we did) to capture the same one-liner humor of the hit TV crime drama as you solve bloody murder mysteries and build advanced crime labs. Heat Wave embodies a similar cartoony art style like its predecessor, but the subject matter is anything but cute. Despite its visual similarities, the team behind the game claims to have learned some key lessons from Crime City.

"We're trying to use the show characters as much as possible in the interaction with your character," producer Adrian Price told VentureBeat. The general gameplay loop sees players inspecting tiles on the floors of crime scenes, which expends energy. As players advance, they'll get to search faster through tools and more energy. One major difference seems to be the story, which will present players with different choices in an attempt at replay-ability.

There will be optional quests as well as points to unlock in order to upgrade your crime lab in Heat Wave. Unfortunately, there is no information on when exactly CSI: Miami Heat Wave will launch. But you can learn more about the game right here.

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