Amazon's big event: Kindle Fire 2 and ... games?

amazon kindle fire 2 and games?
Amazon is hosting a Sept. 6 press event in Santa Monica, CA, and while the exact details of said event are hush-hush, rumors are swirling about the release of a new Kindle Fire with various upgrades that include more storage and a higher resolution screen.

What no one seems to be talking about, however, is Amazon's recent entry into the games space -- as an actual game developer. Since last year, the company has been hiring developers and, in the past month, released a hidden object-style Facebook game called Living Classics, in which players must find moving objects in a series of scenes from various classic books. The company also released GameCircle, a community/social app similar to Apple's Game Center, for the Kindle Fire.

amazon game circle

In a recent interview, Amazon Game Studios GM Michael Robinson tells that more games are on the way, though didn't specify whether those will appear on Facebook or on the Amazon Kindle Fire.
"At Amazon, we start with the customer and work backwards," Robinson says. "Amazon Game Studios is all about delighting our customers with innovative and fun games. Amazon customers enjoy playing games and we believe we can deliver a great, accessible and fun gaming experience that our customers can play any time. We are excited to launch Living Classics on the Facebook platform today and you can count on seeing even more well-crafted games coming from Amazon Game Studios in the future. Stay tuned."
Either way, we're fully expecting to hear some form of games news at today's event, whether it's updates to GameCircle or a formal announcements of new games available on Kindle Fire, either from Amazon Game Studios or a second party developer.

Amazon's press conference kicks off today at 1 p.m. EST, and we'll be watching closely to see what game news, if any, will be revealed. Amazon introduces the Kindle FIre HD; see what this means for people who like to play games.

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