Burning iPhone 5 Questions: What's the Release Date?


If you're a consumer, the foremost question on your mind is "When can I get the new iPhone?" Yes, we know the unveiling is Sept. 12, but when will it be in consumers' hands?

However, the iPhone's release date also affects investors for a few reasons. First, iPhone estimates from Wall Street had been sitting a bit high in the current quarter, with many analysts pegging them around 22 million. As consumers held off on upgrades with an imminent update coming, that prediction might have proved too optimistic and led to another "disappointing" earnings. If Apple launches the iPhone within this quarter, it could move up to 10 million units in the quarter and surpass expections.

That's a short-term concern, but looking out more long-term, the iPhone's release date has other considerations. Today, both Nokia and Google 's Motorola released new phones set to hit this holiday season, so the earlier Apple can get a release out, the faster it can get to market before that new competition.

As Senior Technology Analyst Eric Bleeker notes in the following video, it's not only about when the iPhone hits in the United States. Previously, Apple had staggered release dates in China well behind the United States. Yet reports out today say the iPhone could see a release in China before the end of this year. That shows the rapidly growing importance of China to Apple's bottom line. To see Eric's full thoughts, watch the following video.

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