Burning iPhone 5 Questions: Which Component Plays Make the Cut?

We didn't need Apple's invitations to its upcoming iPhone 5 event to know the phone was coming: We had guidance from key suppliers such as Cirrus Logic to show us the iPhone's launch was imminent.

In the following video, Senior Technology Analyst Eric Bleeker looks at what suppliers are set to see huge gains from the iPhone's release. He notes that while companies such as OmniVision are set to make gains, investors in areas such as near-field communication, or NFC, are likely to be disappointed. Likewise, he believes the radio frequency and power amplifier spots could be a big spot for investors to watch when the new phone hits. To see his full thougths, watch the following video.

Investing in Apple is just one way to profit from the iPhone. As an example, while Apple has soared an impressive 66% this year, that's nothing compared with key supplier Cirrus Logic 's 169% gains this year. We've created a brand-new report on Apple as a limited-time offer that also includes a free report on iPhone 5 suppliers and lists key profit opportunities surrounding the phone's imminent launch. Beyond that exclusive bonus, the report comes with a full write-up on Apple and comes with continuing guidance on the company in they ear ahead. Get started now.

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