Spaceport America: The Hub Where Future Commercial Space Flights Will Launch

Spaceport America
Spaceport America

Should you ever book a flight to space, wanna see where you'll probably take off from?

Spaceport America
in southern New Mexico is the super-cool launchpad from which Virgin Galactic promises to send its first commercial spacecraft into orbit next year. And, depending on its success, the spaceport could be the country's hub for all future space flights.

Out of this world? See for yourself.

Made to serve as both a terminal and hangar for spaceships, Spaceport America was designed by architect Norman Foster. The building's minimalist appearance might make its stratospheric price tag of $209 million even more surprising. The building was also designed to be environmentally friendly and -- as expected for a "spaceport" -- is very high-tech.

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