Pioneer Trail Apple Festival: Everything you need to know


Fall is quickly approaching in Pioneer Trail, and Zynga is looking to get a jumpstart on the season with a new Apple Festival feature in the game. This Apple Festival comes in the form of a new goal series, which offers you free Apple Trees and even a new crop to grow along the way. We're here with a complete guide to finishing this Apple Festival event, thanks to Zynga.

Autumn Apples

  • Place the Apple Festival Garen

  • Gather Fall Leaves

  • Play Apple Bobbing 5 Times

The Fall Leaves drop at random when tending grass on your Homestead, while Apple Tickets are created using Unstamped Tickets (ask friends) and Apple Stamps. These Apple Stamps are earned by tending Lemon Mint or Barley. You'll receive 250 XP, a Cider Press and a Refreshing Red Cider for finishing this first goal.

Bobbin' Time

  • Play Apple Bobbing 10 Times

  • Collect 30 Apple Bobbin' Buckets

  • Finish Phase 1 of the Garden

The Apple Bobbin' Buckets are earned by tending Pine Trees. Meanwhile, the Garden requires that you collect/craft items like Cider Taps, Cider Glasses, Apple Festival Flags and more. Eventually, you'll unlock prizes consisting of new animals and a new tree: the Nonesuch Apple Tree. The Nonesuch Apple Trees are available to send and receive via the game's free gifts page, so hopefully if you send some to neighbors, they'll return the favor. When you complete this second goal, you'll receive 500 XP, 5 Barley Crops and 10 Wheat Ready Boosts.

Do Tell

  • Play Apple Shot 18 Times

  • Gather Antler Bow Racks

  • Finish Phase 2 of the Garden

The Antler Bow Racks can be earned by tending either Red Stags or Adult Caribou. The Caribou are an animal on the free gifts page, while the Red Stags can be purchased in this event's themed Apple Market. You'll earn 1,000 XP, two Female Scarecrows and three Capybaras when you finish this quest.

Apple-Tizing Eats

  • Complete the Prize Apple Challenge

  • Craft 12 Festival Feasts

  • Finish the Garden

Festival Feasts are crafted using Apple Pies and Granny's Old Fashioned Cider (ask friends). This is a complex crafting project, as you'll need to first craft Apple Pies using Apple Slices (drop from Nonesuch Apple Trees) and Pie Tins (ask friends). When you complete this particular goal, you'll earn a Black Moose, Book of XP and Beef Jerky.

While some of these goals might seem fairly straightforward, there's actually a lot of work ahead of us in this event. We wish you the best of luck completing these Apple Festival Goals and earning all of the prizes available throughout the feature!

What do you think of this Apple Festival feature in Pioneer Trail? Will you immediately start working on these particular goals, or are you working on completing other features first? Sound off in the comments!