'Gas Station' Mansion in Lake Success, N.Y., Called the Ugliest in America, Hits Market for $5.88 Million

gas station mansion ugliest in america

If you were going to spend nearly $6 million on a home, wouldn't you expect it to be drop-dead gorgeous? Well, if you feel like going against the grain, why not spend that chunk of change on a house deemed to be the ugliest mansion in America?

The "gas station" mansion in Lake Success, N.Y., which Forbes put at the top of its list of ugliest mansions in America, is on the market for $5.88 million. As the listing notes, owning this home, known as the Hollywood Mansion, would make you "the talk of the town" -- though probably not for the right reasons.

Get a Load of This 'Beauty'
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'Gas Station' Mansion in Lake Success, N.Y., Called the Ugliest in America, Hits Market for $5.88 Million

The huge portico in the front of the property was Forbes' biggest gripe. The magazine said that it made the mansion look like a gas station or a hotel. The 8,700-square-foot spread, which sits on more than 2 acres, has six bedrooms and 5½ bathrooms. Oh, and there's this: One of the living rooms has an upper tier with a grand piano and drum set -- which Forbes said resembles the lobby of a 1970s cruise liner.

The interiors do harken back to everything in the last 50 years that we were trying to forget. Could you look past all that?

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Homes With Crazy Paint Jobs
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'Gas Station' Mansion in Lake Success, N.Y., Called the Ugliest in America, Hits Market for $5.88 Million

If your house matches your handbag, the fashion police need to arrest you on charges of visual assault.

And how on earth do you sell this place? This is not a paint color that will help you sell your home.

Photo: Flickr/Sterin

And zebras are living there, apparently.

Photo: Flickr/Cat Rocketship

This house sure did taste the rainbow. (But it's probably not one of the colors that sell best.)

Photo: Flickr/Whole Wheat Toast

Actually, you live in Burberry. Wonder what the inside looks like.

Photo: Flickr/mrjorgen

This is one way to tell your house from your neighbors'.

Photo: Flickr/exfordy

I am siding, hear me roar.

Photo: Flickr/ChicagoGeek

The "Hello, Kitty" theme just makes us want to say goodbye.

Photo: Flickr/joanneteh_32

Is it a house or is it a gumball machine?

Photo: Flickr/nodigio

The inadvisable salmon-and-chartreuse combo aside, what on earth is that thing on the garage door?

Photo: Flickr/chadmiller

Though the hot-pink exterior of this brownstone is kinda cute, it does stick out like a sore thumb.

Photo: Flickr/underwhelmer

It's like tie-dye for houses!

Photo: Flickr/m.a.r.c.

This place is so shocking, you can't stop looking at it -- and that's exactly the point. In exchange for turning your home into a billboard for the company, marketing firm Brainiacs from Mars will pay your mortgage. Looks like the owners of this home took the deal. Maybe the place looks better from Mars. 

Photo: Brainiacs From Mars

Hmmm, looks like a bank-owned property now.

Photo: Flickr/ell brown

From an airplane, this Mexican village probably looks like a giant Gay Pride flag.

Photo: Flickr/GOC53

Let's just say we're not envious of this green.

Photo: Flickr/roger jones

We hope the princess living in this house is lovelier than the house itself.

Photo: Flickr/Kyknoord

We actually dig these digs. Just make sure not to look directly at it in the daytime.

Photo: Flickr/boxchain

Does the maker of Skittles live here?

Photo: Flickr/Dystopos


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