FarmVille to pimp Real California Milk in an utterly fitting promotion

FarmVille Real California Milk
FarmVille Real California Milk

With that, we're fresh out of cow jokes. FarmVille Freak has discovered some unreleased images of an upcoming promotion in Zynga's farm simulator that somehow still runs strong, FarmVille. Real California Milk will team up Zynga to bring the face of its brand to FarmVille through--what else--a branded cow.

Players will likely get to access a special series of quests within the game or a promotional farm through which they'll earn a limited edition Cali Cow with the Real California Milk logo slapped around its neck. According to FarmVille Freak, it's likely that this cow will also be able to produce branded calves, judging from the assets dug up by a tipster.

Other than the facts that FarmVille players will score a new, free cow and Real California Milk will receive a metric ton of brand recognition, that's all we know. We know all read was "new, free cow," so it's all good, right?

[Image Credit: FarmVille Freak]

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