CastleVille Sneak Peek: Will we soon be able to ride creatures in our Kingdoms?

If a survey being held by Zynga receives positive responses, the answer to that question could very well be a resounding "yes." Zynga is apparently "considering developing" an update to CastleVille that will allow players to ride special animals or make-believe creatures in their Kingdoms, apparently not entirely unlike users ride horses (and other animals) in Pioneer Trail.

So far, we know that Griffins, Dragons, and Unicorns are possibilities for rideable animals, and additional "creatures / monsters" could also be developed in the future. These sorts of items aren't guaranteed to be released in the near future, or really ever, but normally, when Zynga publishes a survey about future in-game content, it's more about last minute changes and fine details than anything else.

Players are being asked to give their opinions on this potential feature via the game's official forums. There, you'll have an opportunity to speak your mind concerning rideable animals, and can even suggest other creatures that you would like your in-game avatar to be able to ride, should this feature become a reality. Ultimately, any sort of rideable creature will likely be something more used for show than for function, and it's possible that some might even cost Crowns to purchase. Whatever the case, if rideable animals do come to CastleVille at any point in the future, we'll make sure to let you know.

Would you be excited to see rideable animals come to CastleVille? Which sorts of animals would you like to see released? Sound off in the comments!