Actor Tommy 'Tiny' Lister to Plead Guilty in Mortgage Fraud Scheme

Tommy Tiny Lister mortgage fraud caseCharacter actor Tommy "Tiny" Lister, who has appeared in films such as "Friday" and "Jackie Brown," has pleaded guilty to a multimillion dollar mortgage fraud scheme and faces up to five years in federal prison.

Between November 2006 and June 2007, Lister, whose credits span approximately 100 movies and TV shows, purchased four homes that he knowingly couldn't afford. Prosecutors said that Lister falsified bank statements and escrow records and inflated his income in order to avoid paying down payments on the properties.

Lister had help from tax preparer Arcelia Chavez, who produced the falsified documents. Chavez also pleaded guilty in the case.

The scheme, which netted Lister $5.7 million in mortgages, cost lenders as much as $3.8 million.

Lister and Chavez have been summoned to appear in federal court in Los Angeles in September.

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Actor Tommy 'Tiny' Lister to Plead Guilty in Mortgage Fraud Scheme

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In 2010, Mel Gibson was sued by the construction company that built three of his properties in Malibu, Calif. According to TMZ, Ramage Construction was asking for around $12,000, but, as an alternative, it also asked for permission to foreclose on the homes to satisfy the debt. Gibson listed one of the houses in 2011, so it is likely that he settled the debt and was not foreclosed on. The house is no longer on the market. Read more on Zillow about Mel Gibson's legal trouble.


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