FarmVille Mystery Game (09/02/12): It's time to go back to school

It's back-to-school season for the children in our lives, and you can be sure that Zynga is taking advantage of the occasion by releasing themed content in FarmVille. What better way to celebrate the beginning of another school year in FarmVille than by winning cows, gnomes and more themed after educational and schooling? You can do just that via this week's Mystery Game, which costs 20 Farm Cash per dart to play. Remember, if you want a chance at one of these items for free, you can always use any of the Mystery Darts you might have saved up in your Gift Box from previous giveaways or goal series. Either way, if you throw a dart at this week's board, you'll have a chance to win more than just animals, with six "basic" prizes being available in all. Here's the complete rundown, with details and images first discovered by FVNation.

Apple Fountain
Crayon Horse
Mini Playground
School House
Student Chicken
Teacher Gnome

As usual, if you can win at least one of all of the six prizes above, you'll also receive a special seventh item at no additional cost: the Scholar Cow. Remember though, you're very likely to end up with duplicates of this week's six basic items in your quest to earn one of each, so this prospect could turn into something a bit more expensive (ok, a lot more expensive) than you initially anticipated. If you feel like taking a risk however, you can now try your hand at this week's prizes for - you guessed it - a week.

What do you think of this week's assortment of Mystery Game prizes? Did you throw any darts at this week's board? Which prize(s) did you win? Sound off in the comments!