Do American Workers Need More Vacation Time?

Americans vacation time work
Americans vacation time work

If you're like most Americans, you probably feel like Labor Day snuck up on you. That's because you spent most of the summer working -- or looking for work. The majority of American workers don't use up all their vacation time, most of them leaving an average of 11 days on the table, according to one survey (via CNNMoney).

Workers give a variety of reasons for not taking vacation time, ranging from "I can't afford it" to "I have too much work." But it's worth pointing out that U.S. employers are stingy when it comes to vacation time, at least compared to European countries. How much vacation time do you think employers should give? Why do you think so many workers don't take vacation? Take a look at the infographic below from Rasmussen College, and share your thoughts in the comments section below.