CityVille Jumping Cliff: Everything you need to know


If you're looking for a little extra help when it comes to growing your Mystery Trees in CityVille's National Forest event, you can now earn that help by expanding out to a new "Jumping Cliff" via a feature of the same name. If you've already expanded to the full size of the map, this Jumping Cliff will simply spawn into your inventory, but for everyone else, you'll need to collect Zoning Permits and population to actually reach it. This Jumping Cliff feature is available to users that have reached at least Level 10 and we're here with a complete look at this new building, straight from Zynga.

Harness Your Power

  • Ask for 20 Rappelling Harnesses

  • Expand to the Jumping Cliff

  • Grow 10 Mystery Trees

When you reach the Jumping Cliff, you'll be able to move it around and collect from it once every 24 hours. When you do so, you'll have a chance to receive items like Fertilizer and Watering Cans, both of which can be used to grow Mystery Trees. For a complete look at the game's National Park feature, make sure to check out our coverage.

Remember, there's not a time limit to finishing this quest once you begin, but it is likely that this quest will eventually disappear, as Zynga performs random "quest cleaning." Your best bet will be to expand to and activate this building in your game as soon as you can, just to be safe. Good luck!

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