Mobage brings CityLand to iOS, and it looks very familiar


While the city-building genre contains a number of inherent similarities from game to game - the ability to construct homes, businesses, attractions and decorations, for instance - most games look different enough to avoid any major accusations of copycatting. With RockYou Asia and Mobage's newest iOS title CityLand, however, the game is almost identical to Zynga's CityVille.

CityLand allows users to take over the job of mayor, as they build a city on the coast from the ground up. A pier complete with shipping boats can rest on the shoreline, while themed businesses offer designs based on the products that they supply. Everything from the artwork to the quest manager looks like it could have been stripped from CityVille, right down to the experience point stars, energy lightning bolts and goods boxes.


Are the CityVille and CityLand identical enough for Zynga to take legal action? That remains to be seen, but if you'd like to try the game out in the meantime, you can now download it for free on iPhone or iPad via iTunes.

Click here to download CityLand on iTunes --->

What do you think of CityLand? Are the two games different enough to coexist? Sound off in the comments!