Bubble Epic: This spooky bubble popper isn't anything new


While Facebook bubble-popping games are still incredibly popular, there's very little room for new entries into the genre, as most "new" gameplay mechanics have been seen or played before in one of the dozens of other games that came before. With Bubble Epic, we've seen yet another take on the same basic gameplay principles, as players make their way through a haunted forest, clearing rows and columns of bubbles along the way.

Each level in Bubble Epic sees you being challenged to clear at least 10 bubbles from the top row of the board, and you'll earn up to three stars based on the points you accumulated in that stage. As you make combos by matching three or more like-colored bubbles, which are shot from a haunted tree stump, you'll earn bonus points for each additional bubble that falls from the top of the screen.

Thankfully, you can swap between two active bubbles with the press of the space bar, making things a bit easier along the way. You're still limited in the overall number of bubbles you'll have to shoot, but some other bubble-popping games don't offer this swapping mechanic, so Bubble Epic earns points there.

At the beginning of each stage, you can also purchase power-ups using the coins you'll earn simply by playing. These power-ups mainly give you the chance to add more bubbles to your gun before you fail a level entirely or give you bonus points right from the beginning of a stage. And of course, your score in each level will be compared to those of your friends via the in-game leaderboard.

You'll eventually start to earn collectibles as you play Bubble Epic, but this small enhancement does little to make the game an instant recommendation. There are simply too many other bubble games to choose from, that your friends are likely already playing, to make this one worthwhile. Bubble Epic is unfortunately a case of "too little, too late" in an incredibly crowded genre.

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