ChefVille Cheats & Tips: Tend your items before friends can



One of the best parts about being able to visit friends in ChefVille is the ability to use those friends to your advantage back in your own restaurant. After logging in for the first time each day, your restaurant is likely full of friends that have come over to visit, and you're likely excited to see all of the things they've "tended," saving you from having to collect those ingredients for yourself. However, by letting your friends do all of the work for you, collecting things like Mozzarella, Eggs or Cheddar Cheese, you're actually not making the most out of their visit. Here's how you can use these friend visits to increase your productivity in ChefVille.

Each time a friend visits, you'll be able to click on them to accept or decline their actions. This presents you with five bright blue outlines, showing you the items that your friends interacted with. Say a friend interacted with two Mushrooms, your Rose Stand, the Milk Truck, the Cheddar Cheese Cellar and the Pond. Let's also say that you need a lot of Salmon or Cheddar Cheese to cook some dishes for mastery points. While you could easily let those friends interact with the Pond or Cellars and collect those ingredients for you, it's much smarter to collect from them yourself and then activate your friend in your restaurant. Why? Not only will you receive the ingredients (because you collected them yourself), but your friend will then speed up the harvest time by tending an un-ready building. Now, you won't have to wait as long to collect even more ingredients and make even more progress!

Sure, you'll expend more of your own energy in the process, but if you're only one or two mastery points away from completing a quest, this strategy can definitely save you time in the long run, especially when it comes to items that take a long time to recharge, like the Rose Stand, Salmon or Eggs.

Here's a recap of what we've learned:

Step 1: Click on a friend to see what they've tended.

Step 2: Go collect from those blue highlighted buildings before clicking "accept" on your friend.

Step 3: Click accept on your friend.

Step 4: Watch the timers on each building/stand decrease!

With these four steps, you'll increase the productivity of ingredient generation and can make even more progress in ChefVille even faster than before. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks, as we'll continue to bring you all of the news you need to know about ChefVille on Facebook!

What do you think of this simple tip? Have you already started using this strategy in your own restaurant? Sound off in the comments!