ChefVille Cheats & Tips: Earn bonus ingredients by eating dishes

While we're all pretty familiar with the ability to visit friends and collect ingredients in ChefVille, many of us likely spend most of our time during these friend visits collecting from food stalls, buildings and plants. This is a fine strategy, as collecting from each of these items gives you the chance at an ingredient to use back in your own restaurant, but if you're trying to stock up on one or two particular kinds of ingredients, you're much better off eating food in a friend's restaurant instead.

It might seem like common sense, but many users may not even realize they can eat the food your friends are serving. When you visit a friend's restaurant, all of their counters will automatically be filled by the game, presenting you with a treasure trove of ingredient-earning possibilities. This is especially true if you're looking to collect some of the game's "starter" ingredients, like Wheat Bread, Tomatoes or Mozzarella Cheese.

Let's say a player wanted to earn their final star of mastery for Cheese Pizza, but didn't have enough Mozzarella on hand to actually do it. While they could visit friend after friend, tending just the Cheese Stand in their restaurants before moving on, if that same player ate dishes in their friends' restaurants (say, another Cheese Pizza), they could actually earn another chance at another Mozzarella within the same restaurant. Here's a full rundown of what this means:

Step 1: Visit a friend's restaurant

Step 2: Hover over the dishes on your friends' serving counters.

Step 3: Find a dish that says you "might win" the ingredients you need.

Step 4: Click to eat them!

Step 5: Spend any remaining energy at the friends' restaurant, preferably by tending the matching ingredient buildings.

In this way, a player that wants to collect tons of Mozzarella Cheese (continuing in our example) might actually have two or three chances at that cheese within a single restaurant, rather than just one. As with everything in ChefVille, you'll need to get lucky to actually receive those ingredients, but three chances are definitely better than one!

What do you think of this tip in ChefVille? Did you know you could earn ingredients by eating dishes in your friends' restaurants? Sound off in the comments!

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