Pioneer Trail Family Bonfire: Everything you need to know

Summer may almost be over, but Pioneer Trail wants to send it out with a bang with one last major family event in the form of the Family Bonfire. This feature will see players over Level 18 building a bonfire that will apparently disappear after this feature is complete, but you'll receive decorations and mystery crates for building it along the way. As you might expect, there are goals to complete in this new feature, and we're here with a guide on how to finish them off, thanks to Zynga.

Building a Bonfire

  • Tend 30 Adult Goats

  • Gather 20 Peach Kindling

  • Place the Family Bonfire

The Peach Kindlings are earned at random when harvesting Peach Trees. You'll receive 500 XP, 3 Speckles Sussex Chickens and 5 Corn Dog crops for finishing this first goal.

Mattress Mayhem

  • Feed Hog Chow to Prized Pigs 5 Times

  • Ask for 10 Mattress Patches

  • Finish Phase 1 of the Bonfire

Rewards: 1,000 XP, Loverly Cow, Twilight Prize Pig

Carnival Collection

  • Gather 20 Crunchy Cotton Candy

  • Collect 15 Hand Dollies

  • Finish Phase 2 of the Bonfire

The Crunchy Cotton Candy drops at random when tending Cotton Candy crops, which are available via the game's free gifts page. You'll earn 1,500 XP, 2,000 coins and an Angus Cow when you complete this goal.

Spicy Hot

  • Craft 5 Wilted Pepper Trellis

  • Gather 30 Cold Plum Juice

  • Finish Phase 3 of the Bonfire

The Cold Plum Juice drops at random when harvesting Plum Trees. You'll be rewarded with 2,000 XP, 2 Summer Fireflies and an Ultimate Chili when you finish this goal.

Frontier Lanterns

  • Craft 7 Firefly Lanterns

  • Gather 10 Luminescent Fireflies

  • Finish the Bonfire

The Luminescent Fireflies are earned when tending adult Fireflies, but luckily, we just received two at the end of the final goal. For completing this final goal in the series, you'll receive 2,000 XP, another 2 Summer Fireflies and an Ultimate Chili.

Along with these goals, there's also a new collection to complete with this Bonfire, which will give you a Summer Mystery Crate upon completion. Good luck completing these goals and building your Bonfire before summer ends!

What do you think of these Bonfire goals in Pioneer Trail? Sound off in the comments!