FarmVille Turtle Pen: Everything you need to know


The next animal storage building has launched in FarmVille, and this one has a very specific task: to store and breed the many turtles you may have collected while playing FarmVille! This Turtle Pen is available to players that have reached at least Level 5 in FarmVille, and it requires parts to complete:

  • 10 Java Ferns

  • 10 Drift Wood

  • 10 Potting Soil

These items are earned primarily by either asking your friends to send them to you or purchasing them directly with Farm Cash. You can also earn them by clicking on your friends' news feed posts as they are also working to complete their own Turtle Pens. When you complete a Turtle Pen, it will offer storage for 20 turtles, and you'll earn a Navy Fuschia Turtle as a prize.

Similar to Sheep Breeding, you can now also breed turtles, and you'll need Love Potions to complete the task. Breeding a new turtle requires anywhere from 1-5 Love Potions that will increase your chances of a successful breeding. If you choose to use no Love Potions, the breeding will take a full day and will only have a 50% success rate. With five Love Potions, however, you'll have a guaranteed, and instant, successful breed. Turtle varieties are also available to purchase in the game's store, with turtles like the Orange Tangerine or Gold Spotted Turtle (as examples) being available for 100,000 coins each. Others cost Farm Cash.

This feature becomes more complicated still, as you'll be able to trade in collections for new turtles. You'll need five turtles to earn a new kind of turtle. Through these collections, you'll trade in different patterns of turtles to receive turtles that you may not be able to earn in other ways.

As you start to collect turtles, you can go back and expand the Turtle Pen to hold more individual turtles by collecting more and more collectible items as before. Eventually, you'll be able to hold 40 Turtles in a single Turtle Pen. All told, this is an incredibly complex feature in writing, but looks to be fairly straight-forward in practice. So long as you have plenty of Love Potions (or patience), you'll soon have a full rainbow army of turtles on your farms, that you can share and collect with friends.

[Via and image credit: Zynga]

What do you think of this Turtle Pen in FarmVille? Will you spend Love Potions to breed Turtles, or do you still actively breed Sheep on your farm(s)? Sound off in the comments!