CityVille Tour De Force Timed Goal: Everything you need to know

Another in the line of true timed goals has launched in CityVille, giving players anywhere from one to three days to complete a series of three tasks in order to earn varying levels of rewards. This goal is called Tour De Force, and we're here with a guide to the list of requirements, and the prizes you can earn along the way.

Tour De Force

  • Ask for 25 Tour Guides

  • Harvest 40 Water Crops

  • Collect from 80 Residences

Since you can manually start this goal, it would be best to do so only after you have a series of water crops ready to harvest, so you don't waste any of your valuable time limit in actually waiting for them to grow. Also, make sure you have plenty of residences and neighborhoods ready to collect so that you can hit the total requirement of 80 within those first two days.

If you can complete all three tasks within 48 hours (or two days) you'll receive the Gold Trophy, 7 Zoning Permits and 150,000 coins. If you finish a bit slower than that, you can still earn a Silver Trophy, 4 Zoning Permits and 100,000 coins, but if you finish even slower still, you'll have to settle for the "worst" prizes: a Bronze Trophy, 2 Zoning Permits and just 25,000 coins. All in all, this goal may be available to some lower-level players, but unless they've invested in water farming, it will simply be impossible to complete, regardless of the time limit. Make sure you're as prepared as you can be going into this goal and you'll be much better off in the end. Good luck!

What do you think of the requirements and time limits associated with this Tour De Force goal? Sound off in the comments!