The Ville: Add charm to your wardrobe with European Rustic clothing


It's become a tradition in the Ville that a limited edition home decor theme is shortly followed by equally themed clothing, and that tradition has been retained with the European Rustic clothing collection. There are clothing items available for both male and female avatars, and we're here with a look at the available items for both so that you know what to expect going in. Let's get started!

Male Avatars

Periwinkle Button Down - 800 coins
Mohair Jacket Black - 14 Ville Cash
Seersucker Jacket Beige - 14 Ville Cash
Twill Trousers Gray - 900 coins
Derby Shoe Beige - 5 Ville Cash

Female Avatars

Fringed Culottes Black - 750 coins
Fringed Culottes Blue - 750 coins
Sateen Mini Blue - 7 Ville Cash
Sateen Mini Violet - 7 Ville Cash
Suede Ankle Boot Black - 9 Ville Cash
Suede Ankle Boot Brown - 9 Ville Cash
Silver Bijou Earrings - 2 Ville Cash

These clothing items will be available for the next two weeks, giving you some time to earn the amount of coins necessary to purchase them, or at least the chance to decide whether or not you'd like to invest in the premium items. We'll make sure to let you know if additional European Rustic clothing or furniture items launch in the game's store within that two week period, so stay tuned!

Will you purchase any of these new limited edition clothing items for your virtual self? Which ones? Sound off in the comments!