Snoop Dogg, Adam Carrola, Jimmie Johnson: Man Caves of the Rich and Famous

By Adam Verwymeren

Man caves -- the last bastion of peace for the modern man. A refuge from a domestic empire of throw pillows, stemware and floral arrangements. After a long, hard day's work, there's nothing better than crawling down into the cave to flip on the game and throw back a few cold ones.

Of course, man caves aren't just for regular joes. Rich and famous men also love having a little grotto devoted to manly pursuits. Here are some of the man caves of the rich and famous, and some lessons you can learn to transform your own cave.

Snoop Dogg

Rapper, family man, and man cave lover, Snoop Dogg (who has, of course, just changed his name to the more manly, "Snoop Lion") has one seriously pimped out room to call his own. Looking to escape the stress of modern celebrity, the Long Beach, Calif., native had the DIY Network build him a custom cave where he could play video games and watch sports in peace (video above). For a comfortable place to kick back, there's a sheared-off trunk of a vintage Cadillac, which has been repurposed as a couch, giving the room a bit of retro-cool flair.

Mantastic Homes
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Snoop Dogg, Adam Carrola, Jimmie Johnson: Man Caves of the Rich and Famous

Don't think the coffee mug will cut it this Father's Day? Well, nothing says "Number One Dad" quite like a 20-car garage in the basement of your father's new mega-mansion. From indoor shooting ranges to personal bowling alleys, high-tech theaters to virtual putting greens, AOL Real Estate invites you to tour some of the most mantastic properties in America today.

Location: Coto De Caza, CA

Price: $9.99 M

Motorcar enthusiasts, start your engines! From the outside looking in, this 9,500 square-foot estate could belong to any well-to-do dad; but take a step inside to see what makes this mansion a car collector's dream.

But, first things first: This sprawling Cali estate features six bedrooms and 10 baths. Pictured left, a look at the great room, where dad might occasionally emerge from his antique car compound to greet the family. Soaring ceilings and cathedral-style windows earn this room the manly man's seal of approval.

Behold: an autocade that would turn Jay Leno green with envy. This 8,000-square-foot gallery can house upwards of 20 cars, and if you buy today, the owner will even help you start your own collection -- by gifting his 1961 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II.

Even if you're not the most avid of car collectors, the massive gallery can easily be converted into any number of functional spaces. The previous owners have used their ample space to host several charitable events and one-of-a-kind social gatherings (thanks in part to the on-premises caterer's kitchen).

Location: Coeur D Alene, ID

Price: $6.5 M

This nearly 10,000-square-foot waterfront ranch is nestled on an idyllic 33-acre lot in northern Idaho. But for basketball fans, this home is all about one thing: the hardwood. 

That's right -- this sprawling ranch home includes its very own indoor basketball court. Practice your free-throws on this custom half-court, or challenge your snooty neighbors to a game of horse. It's just too bad you'd probably have to own a basketball franchise to afford this scenic estate.

Hardwood plays a major role in this sun-drenched great room, as well. The earthy color-scheme and log support beams give the room a contemporary yet rustic vibe -- as if your lumberjack dad struck it rich on the lotto. 

Cabin fever is a near impossibility on this bucolic property. Take a break from shooting hoops to cast your line over 800 feet of lakefront property. Or break the monotony of being super-rich with a contemplative stroll on your 34 acres of pristine woodlands.

Location: Atlanta, GA

Price: $12.5 M

This ain't your mother's Southern plantation. Just past the ornate French doors and high-beamed foyer, high-tech dads will find plenty to keep them occupied -- like the virtual golf room and home movie theater.

This jet-black study, complete with steer skull on the far wall, will have dad feeling like a high-powered dynamo. Whether you stack volumes of Plato or "Playboy" in the rich wooden bookshelves, at least you'll look good reading it. 

While there's ample space on your three-acre property to build your own putting green, some days you just want to putt in your pajamas. For those occasions, visit your very own virtual golf course. And after working up a sweat, make your way to the on-premises spa and massage room.

What high-tech mansion would be complete without an in-home movie theater? Delight friends and family with the latest silver screen blockbusters. Or simply recline in the plush leather seating and enjoy the starry sky mural painted on the ceiling.

If you're not the popcorn and soda type, run down to your private wine cellar and grab the first bottle that strikes your fancy. Take drinking and driving to a different level, as you pour yourself another in your virtual golf room.

Location: Alpine, NJ

Price: $14.9 M

Only in Jersey. This seven-bedroom, 9.5-bath all-brick estate may not win any awards for best design, but with its own private bowling alley and bar, does it really matter?

"Sopranos" fans, take note: Convert this handsome home office into the headquarters of your "waste management" business. Pour yourself a Manhattan, peer out your expensive windows, and plot -- er -- plan your next business move. Bada-bing!

Nothing complements rich mahogany like the garish palette of bowling furniture. Have a few at the bar and test your skill at 10 pins. And if things get a little too woozy, you may want to lift the bumpers.

Of course, even the hardest working dads need some fresh air every now and again. That's why this 2.7-acre property includes its own private pond with fountains. Nothing takes the edge off like dipping your feet in the deep end. Just keep the cement shoes indoors.

All joking aside, every dad should make time for the family, and there will be ample opportunity to do so in this luxurious backyard swimming area. Throw some steaks on the grill and talk shop with the boys while the kids splash around in the pool. It's every (God)father's dream.

Deep in the woods of Evergreen, Colo., nature-loving dads will find the closest thing to a recluse resort in America. With its own indoor shooting range and private workshop, this 8,500-square-foot home is either a one-of-a-kind escape, or the perfect cover for a super-villain hideout.

Just because prospective owners want absolute privacy doesn't mean they can't invite a few dozen of their closest friends over for dinner every now and again. The wood panel walls and shag carpeting leave something to be desired, but if you're going for the Dr. Evil look, you've found the perfect home.

Something about a reclusive millionaire tinkering in his machine shop gives us the willies -- but if you fit the bill, more power to you. Unless, of course, you seek world domination. In which case we'd advise you to skim over this listing and move on.

How many madcap millionaires can claim they have their very own shooting range? Not many, we hope, but if you fancy yourself a marksman, there's no greater homebuying perk than a soundproof room that deflects bullets. And if you're not a card-carrying member of the NRA, a resourceful millionaire could find plenty of other purposes for this lead-riddled room.

The most normal amenity in this wooded retreat is its impressive indoor pool. For the full James Bond super-villain effect, fill the pool with laser-wielding sharks. That'll teach those ornery trespassers. 

Location: Coral Gables, FL

Price: $23 M

Palm trees, sea breeze, and a 12,800-square-foot Mediterranean mansion to die for -- need we say more? This tropical paradise rivals most five-star resorts, and it's all yours for the cost of a small island nation. 

The floor-to-ceiling arch-top windows in this immaculate living room offer one-of-a-kind views of the tropical environs surrounding the home. Never again will dad have to suffer the indignity of waiting in a Club Med reception area with a bunch of screaming brats and jet-lagged tourists.

But just because you're living it up in a tropical mansion doesn't mean you don't appreciate the simpler things in life -- like a full bar and lounge for watching the double-header on the big screen. Trade in lukewarm beers at the ballpark for salt-rimmed margaritas and gourmet hors d'oeuvres from the privacy of your own home.  

This five-bedroom, eight-bath mansion sits on 1.84 acres of tropical paradise. Ride your private elevator to this brightly colored rec room for some much needed R & R. Counting all that money can really wear on a guy.

"No, the other pool room," you might yell to your kids as they turn away from the billiards table. Things can get confusing when you have as much stuff as the owner of this enormous estate. Such is the life of a multimillion dollar father.


Windowless and ringed with security cameras, Snoop's man cave is built to keep celebrity seekers, and uninvited family members, from busting in on his off-time. The cave even has a direct line to Denny's to satisfy any late night snack cravings without ever having to step outside.

Takeaway for your own man cave: For lovers of classic cars, a couch fashioned from the classic fins of a vintage Caddy is a nice touch. For your own man cave, try heading over to the local junk yard or scouring the Internet for some classic auto parts -- a grill, headlights, or bench seats -- to adorn your walls and furnish the place.

Adam Carolla

Adam Carolla man cave

Adam Carolla man caveFunnyman Adam Carolla (pictured at left) co-hosted "The Man Show" for six years, so you'd better believe that he knows a thing or two about man caves. While his epic mansion sports an eight-car garage to house his collection of classic race cars, Carolla's basement man cave (pictured above) is a much more subdued affair. With a bar, a jukebox, bench seating and a pool table, the room looks more like a quaint local pub than an over-the-top celebrity man cave. And, of course, that's a big part of the appeal of the man cave. Sure you want to impress your friends, but mostly you want them to be comfortable when they come over to knock a few back.

Takeaway for your own man cave: Playing cards and coasters adorn the ceiling of Carolla's cave. If you're looking for a nice, affordable way to decorate the space while declaring your allegiance to your favorite brews, all you need is a bit of glue and a stack of coasters from your local bar.

Jimmie Johnson

Jimmie Johnson man caveNASCAR driver and fantastic son Jimmie Johnson (pictured at right) built a man cave for his dad as a Father's Day gift. Decked out in racing memorabilia, a custom pool table clad in stainless steel takes center stage in the room. And while it also features a granite-topped bar and 3D television, the cave maintains its credibility as a functioning garage. A hydraulic lift allows the elder Johnson, a motorcycle enthusiast, to tuck away his Victory bike when it's not in use.

Takeaway for your own man cave: The pit stop-inspired cabinets are just repurposed tool chests, the perfect way for race fans to keep things organized in their own man caves. And the cave's black and white checkered floor recalls a racing flag, a nice way to make you feel like you're at the track when you're kicking back at home.

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