FarmVille maker faces talent drought as two more VPs say goodbye

Draw Something screens
Draw Something screens

Will Zynga have enough talent to harvest to survive the winter? Enough with the farming analogies--Inside Social Games reports that two more VPs have left the FarmVille maker following the loss of the company's CCO, Mike Verdu. VP of studios Bill Mooney and VP of marketing Brian Britwistle have announced their departure from the social game giant.

Of course, this news also follows that of COO John Schappert losing his primary duties and later resigning altogether. Ever since the now-public Zynga stock went sour, the company has had a hard time holding onto not only its top-level staffers, but some of its highest quality creative talent. Zynga spokeswoman Dani Dudeck issued the following statement:

Zynga's voluntary attrition rate was around 1% for the first four years, and our current attrition levels are not only below what we expected and modeled in our post-IPO planning, they continue to stay well below the industry average. Developing great leaders is an essential part of Zynga's core values – we're proud of our record in that regard – and it's not at all surprising that some would move on and or retire post-IPO. Zynga continues to lead the industry with the top talent in social game development. We're proud of the teams working hard to create the next generation of social games including the recent launches of The Ville, ChefVille and the coming launch of FarmVille 2.

Zynga again mentions how it will usher the next generation of social games. Hopefully (for Zynga, at least) this next generation of social games will yield a new, hearty crop of talent to see it through. (We lied.)

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