FarmVille Animal Mastery Totems: Everything you need to know

While Double Mastery events in FarmVille frequently give players the chance to earn double the mastery points on all crops and trees harvested in short events, animal mastery is normally ignored entirely. This looks to be changing, however, via the release of Animal Mastery Totems, which offer you double the amount of mastery points on animals within animal storage buildings, like the Livestock Pen or Zoo.

Totems are decorations that need to placed nearby an animal storage building, similar to how groves must be placed near Orchards to boost tree mastery. There are three different varieties of Mastery Totems to purchase thus far, ranging in price from 15 to 25 Farm Cash, and we have a guide to their stats right here, courtesy of Zynga.

The animal pen that you'd like to alter will need to be placed within the full blue area seen above, but some buildings aren't compatible as of this writing (like the Dino Lab, Baby Bunny Hutch or Doghouses, as examples). In addition, you won't be able to "cheat" the system by moving fully ready animal pens into the space, as these harvest-ready buildings will simply be harvested for the standard amount of points, and won't receive a bonus. However, you can place more than one Totem around a single animal pen, earning up to a 400% mastery boost on a single harvest if you have a pen surrounded by multiple Totems and happen to own an Animal Mastery Statue that was released previously.

All in all, these Totems are rather expensive, but if you're incredibly focused on mastering every animal that comes your way in FarmVille, at least these Totems give you a chance to save time in the process. Are they worth the investment price? Ultimately, that will be up to you.

What do you think of these Animal Mastery Totems in FarmVille? Will you purchase any for your farms? How many, and of which kinds? Sound off in the comments!