CityVille Area 51 / Alien Spotting: Everything you need to know


A unidentified flying object (yes, a UFO) has been spotted over your fields and piers in CityVille, and it's up to you to investigate. This "Area 51" feature is now available to CityVille players that have reached at least Level 20, and it will allow you to build an Area 51 structure in your town, whether in the main portion or in your Downtown expansion (although it offers no Downtown Value). Once you place the Area 51 structure, you'll need to collect building materials to actually finish it off, as seen below:

  • 4 UFO Engines

  • 4 UFO Signs

  • 4 Memory Erasers

  • 4 Alien Samples

  • 4 Classified Reports

These items are earned through the expected methods of asking your friends to send them to you individually or posting a general news item on your wall. With Area 51 complete, you'll be able to have your friends work as investigative "agents" within it. You'll need to ask your friends for Film in order to capture photos of UFOs, with UFOs appearing as you simply play the game. You'll need film in order to take a picture (obviously), making this feature incredibly similar to that of the Cops & Robbers or Lost Dog features. You can also earn film by collecting it from themed Area 51 buildings.

Eventually, you'll be able to spot at least six different kinds of aliens, which differ in colors and the prizes you'll receive when you spot them. The basic "Azule" alien, for instance, gives you 200 coins, and you only need to have a single agent "on duty" to spot it. Here's the full lineup of aliens, agent requirements and prizes found in this event.

The Azule

  • Requires: 1 Agent

  • Rewards: 200 Coins

The Greys

  • Requires: 2 Agents

  • Rewards: 50 Goods

The Watchers

  • Requires: 4 Agents

  • Rewards: 10 XP

The Adventurers

  • Requires: 6 Agents

  • Rewards: 1 Energy

The Explorers

  • Requires a Level 4 Area 51 to Unlock

  • Rewards: Zoning Permit

The Colonists

  • Requires a Level 5 Area 51

  • Rewards: 1 City Cash

You'll upgrade your Area 51 building by continuing to capture more and more aliens, and can keep track of your progress via the Area 51 menu. It's always possible that additional aliens or upgrades will be released in the future, and we'll make sure to let you know if that ends up happening.

[Via and image credit: Zynga]

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