ChefVille Dough Freezer: Everything you need to know

The first major gameplay update to ChefVille has arrived, and it comes in the form of a Pizza Counter and Dough Freezer given to you by Bello. There are new quests to complete to actually finish this feature, and these quests will become available regardless of how many other quests you happen to have active at the time.

You'll receive the base of the Dough Freezer for free, and will need to click on it three times to "unwrap it." From there, you'll need just four items to complete it: two Freezing Fundamentals (earned through a wall post) and two Dough Directions (earned through individual requests). Luckily, most players will be able to finish this in less than a day, and when you do, you'll have a new "food stall" that will give you free Dough for cooking once every 15 minutes.

As for the quests, there are four in all, and we're here with a guide to finish them off!

Eye on the Pizza Pie

  • Craft 3 Batches of Dough

  • Serve 3 Cheese Pizzas

  • Place the Dough Freezer

Cheese Pizza takes only four minutes to cook, so if you already have some Dough saved up, you can finish this quest rather quickly. You'll receive six coins, one XP and a Mozzarella for completing this first quest.

The Big Freezer

  • Build Dough Freezer

  • Tend Dough Freezer 2 Times

  • Collect 3 Milk

The Dough Freezer, as we said above, requires just four ingredients to finish, so you should have no trouble, unless you've already spent all of your friend requests for the day. You'll earn one Flour, eight coins and 1 XP for completing this second quest.

Party Prep

  • Tend 3 Neighbors' Milk Trucks

  • Ask for 4 Tomato Colored Tablecloths

  • Give 8 Dough to Bello

The Tablecloths are earned via a general news item posted on your wall. You'll receive a Milk, 10 coins and 1 XP for completing this quest.

Pizza, Pizza, Pizza

  • Visit 4 Neighbors

  • Serve 6 Cheese Pizza

  • Give 10 Chef's Services with Cheese Pizza

If you have more than one dish available to serve, you'll need to wait for customers to actually ask for Cheese Pizza and serve it to them. Unfortunately, the last goal will take all eight dough away from you, so you'll need to start over from scratch. As for visiting neighbors, you won't actually need to do anything while there, but you will need to visit four neighbors to trigger the end of the quest and quest series. Completing this final quest gives you 1 XP, 1 Mozzarella and unlocks the Pizzeria Counter, which costs 300 coins in the store.

We'll admit that this final reward is a bit underwhelming, but the introduction of the Dough Freezer to our restaurants was reason enough to play along, wouldn't you agree?

Have you started working on this Dough Freezer in your ChefVille restaurant? What do you think of this new ability to simply collect ready-made dough? Sound off in the comments!

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