The Sims Social 'Just Wanna Have Sumo Fun' Quest: How to finish it fast

The Sims Social Just Wanna Have Sumo Fun Quest guide
The Sims Social Just Wanna Have Sumo Fun Quest guide

It's Sushi Week in The Sims Social, and this week's new quest will have you only six steps away from becoming Littlehaven's esteemed sushi master! Use these helpful tips to finish this quest fast, gaining the most rewards. Ah, young grasshopper, you wish to make sushi, do you?

To perfect the ancient and sublime art of sushi-making, one must hone their skills and find their inner peace. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Luckily for you, there are only six steps to this week's quest. Here's are detailed tips for completing each step straight from The Sims Social team at Playfish:

Just Wanna Have Sumo Fun Step 1

  • Have a Kurage Sushi Bar

  • Research 2 Sushi Recipes

  • Get inspired

It is important for every aspiring Sushi Master to have the tools of the trade as well as the knowledge and desire to create delicious sushi. Pick up a Kurage Sushi Bar from the Shop and place it in your home or garden. Click on a computer and 'Research Sushi Recipes' twice. Get inspired by fulfilling all your needs. Rewards: 10 Life points, 40 Coins, 15 XP, 2 Energy, Nutty Snack Bar.

Just Wanna Have Sumo Fun Step 2

  • Have a Tatsu Sumo Ring

  • Collect 3 Sesame

  • Get 3 Salmon

Physical activity will help you hone your tenacity and killer instincts until they are as sharp as the blade you use to slice your fish. Buy a Tatsu Sumo Ring from the shop for Simoleons. Harvest objects that appear around your house (hint: you can harvest around your friend's homes too) and collect three Sesame. Now that you have sufficiently exerted yourself, you are ready to touch some actual fish! Click on your fridge and 'Grab Some Salmon'. Rewards: 10 Life points, 50 Coins, 20 XP, 3 Energy, Entertainment.

The Sims Social Sushi Week Quest guide
The Sims Social Sushi Week Quest guide

Just Wanna Have Sumo Fun Step 3

  • Practice 'Chop Chop Chopping' 3 times

  • Ask Sims to try your sushi

  • Harvest 3 Red Flowers

The proper technique for chopping and slicing is crucial. Get this one thing wrong and all your training will count for NOTHING! Ahem, only joking. We will work this out together. Click on a Kurage Sushi Bar and practice 'Chop Chop Chopping,' three times should be enough. Now we can move on to trying to make some sushi! But be careful, spare yourself the stomach ache by offering it to a friend first (you know, to test it). Visit them or call them over and ask them to 'Try This Sushi!' After that trying endeavor, it is good to relax the mind with some gardening. Plant and harvest three Red Flowers in your garden plots (it will only take 15 minutes). Rewards: 10 Life points, 70 Coins, 25 XP, 3 Energy, Leftovers.

Just Wanna Have Sumo Fun Step 4

  • Buy new clothes

  • 'Practice Painting' on a Kaze Kimono Painting Set

  • Collect 3 Green Tea

A tea ceremony can teach us many things – patience, serenity, how to drink hot leaf juice and act like you enjoy it. Yes, that is exactly what you need. Prepare for the ceremony by buying some new clothes from the shop. Click on a Kaze Kimono Painting Set (visit Bella's home if you don't have one) and 'Practice Painting'. Search outside your house or your friends' houses and collect three Green Tea. Rewards: 20 Life points, 100 Coins, 30 XP, 3 Energy, Cloth.

Just Wanna Have Sumo Fun Step 5

  • Have a 'Mock Round' on a Tatsu Sumo Ring

  • Invite 3 friends to try sumo wrestling

  • Have 3 Hope

You're starting to look a little too relaxed, grasshopper. We can't have that! Get into a Tatsu Sumo Ring and have a 'Mock Round' before moving on to the real thing. Post a feed on your wall asking three of your friends to spar with you. Do you think you can win? Well there's no harm in having hope, three of them to be exact, so ask your friends to send you some. Rewards: 30 Life points, 120 Coins, 35 XP, 3 Energy, Delicious Morsel.

The Sims Social Just Wanna Have Sumo Fun cheats tips
The Sims Social Just Wanna Have Sumo Fun cheats tips

Just Wanna Have Sumo Fun Step 6

  • Have a Pit of Zen

  • Interact with the Pit of Zen

  • Complete stage 1 of your Kurage Sushi Bar

Are you feeling nervous about your sushi-making skills? A Zen sand garden can help release the pressure on your mind. Buy a Pit of Zen from the shop and build it, then interact with it. Also, you can't make great sushi without a great sushi bar! Complete one stage of the Kurage Sushi Bar to get started on the path to Sushi Mastery! Rewards: 40 Life points, 150 Coins, 40 XP, 3 Energy, Kurage Tealcove.

Congratulations, young grasshopper! You have followed all my instructions and have grown into a beautiful butterfly ready to spread its wings and run off into the sunset. What do you mean that's not how it happens? I'm the master here and I say grasshoppers grow into butterflies! Now go, make some sushi and make me proud!

Collectibles Required for the Kurage Sushi Bar:
Stage 1: Cloth (30), Dreams (2), Goodwill (2), Hammer (1), Love (5), Nails (1), Power drill (2), Rubber Duckie (4), Screws (4), Wrench (2)
Stage 2: Admiration (3), Buzz (3), Delicious Morsel (4), Entertainment (8), Hammer (4), Hope (4), Love (6), Metamaterial (5), Nails (3), Redbeans (6), Ruler (4), Salmon (2), Tuna (16), Wrench (8)
Stage 3: Bread (6), Buzz (3), Chocolate (10), Delicious Morsel (8), Dreams (4), Hammer (15), Hype (13), Love (10), Mixing Bowl (4), Nails (4), Plans (6), Redbeans (18), Ruler (5), Salmon (18), Skewer (4), Tuna (22), Wrench (5)

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