Head back to college with Pocket Gems' Tap Campus Life on iOS

With "Back to School" season officially upon us, it only makes sense that mobile game developers would take advantage of this time of year by releasing games themed around school. Such is the case with Pocket Gems' new free-to-play iOS game Tap Campus Life, which allows you to personalize your own sorority by recruiting women, hosting events and designing the sorority mansion.

Obviously tailored more towards female players, Tap Campus Life offers dozens of different characters to interact with and outfits to choose from, and the entire experience feels similar to Sims titles, as you'll expand and decorate the sorority mansion with individual pieces of furniture and additional rooms, and can have conversations with other characters based on their personalities. That is, some girls may be into athletics and health, so you'll need to workout with them. Other characters may love music and parties, so your options for interaction change accordingly.


Throughout it all, events are timed and require energy to complete, but if you can raise a girl's interest meter to the top, she'll choose to join your sorority. You'll eventually start to run out of energy as you interact with new girls, but you can simply complete different events with the same girl until you eventually reach the top. Unfortunately, some of these timed events stop your progress in its tracks, bringing in a paywall where you can pay real money to skip the waiting game.

Tap Campus Life keeps your progress moving forward via quests and the ability to change your character's outfit on the fly, either to fit your mood or to impress other characters, but the entire experience still feels rather shallow. Having never been in a sorority myself, I have to wonder if sorority life is really so focused on wine tasting parties and fashion shows, but I digress. Either way, the game has some rather small, hard to read text and suffers from a lack of multi-tasking, which is a head-scratching oversight in a modern iOS game. With Tap Campus Life, it's "what you see is what you get," so if you like fashion, gossip and the drama that normally accompanies it, this one is definitely for you.

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