FarmVille Safari Items: Tamboti Tree, Hippo Pond and more


It's time to head out into the wild on safari, in FarmVille at least, via the release of new Safari themed items in the game's store. There are tons of trees, animals, decorations and more to purchase in this Safari theme, with all being available only for a limited time. We're here with a complete look at this theme's current item lineup, allowing you to get the most out of this theme while it's still available. Let's get started!


Coast Coral Tree - 6 Farm Cash
Oleander Tree - 12 Farm Cash
Tribal Mask Tree - 8 Farm Cash
Giant Tribal Mask Tree - 14 Farm Cash
Tamboti Tree - 6 Farm Cash
Marula Tree - 12 Farm Cash
Giraffe Tree - 8 Farm Cash
Zebra Tree - 14 Farm Cash


Liger - 2.8 million coins or 16 Farm Cash
Greater Piperfish (Water Only) - 6 Farm Cash
Zebra Pig - 16 Farm Cash
Safari Horse - 26 Farm Cash
Giant Safari Duck - 18 Farm Cash
Silverback Gorilla - 14 Farm Cash
Safari Elephant - 2.5 million coins or 14 Farm Cash
African Jewelfish (Water Only) - 6 Farm Cash
Safari Lion - 16 Farm Cash
Safari Duck - 16 Farm Cash
Boer Pony - 24 Farm Cash


Tribal Hut - 12 Farm Cash


Hippo Pond - 18 Farm Cash
Safari Grass - 6,000 coins
Safari Lake - 12 Farm Cash
Safari Oasis - 12 Farm Cash
Ant Hill - 3 Farm Cash
Witch Doctor Gnome - 10 Farm Cash
Safari Jeep - 25,000 coins
Safari Gnome - 15 Farm Cash

Avatar Clothing

Safari Outfit - 10 Farm Cash

Some of these items will be available for 10 days, while the rest will be available for a full two weeks. It's unfortunate that so many cost Farm Cash, instead of coins, but if you have an extra Zynga Game Card burning a hole in your pocket, why not check out these items before they expire from the store?

What do you think of this large group of Safari items in FarmVille? Have you purchased any for your many farms, or will you do so now? Sound off in the comments!