Spelltower creator releases a board game ... about eating

guts of glory zach gage
guts of glory zach gage

If you haven't heard of the iOS word puzzler Spelltower, you've been missing out on a gem of a time waster/brain trainer.

But now that creator Zach Gage has won the hearts, and minds, of critics and fans (the game is the #3 paid iPad app and is heralded as a Must Play by several publications), he's formally introducing his next project, in the form of a board game called Guts of Glory.

guts of glory chew tokens
guts of glory chew tokens

Guts of Glory, to quote Gage, is "a mouth-cramming deck spewing, competitive card game for 2-4 player players set in the post-apocalypse." In short, it's a game about competitive eating and the goal is to be the first player with seven glory points -- which can be earned by eating food, eating other players' food and various other means (For the full details, watch this video below.).

Each player starts with an empty mouth and a plate of grub. Each turn, you must stick a piece of food or condiments (which are found on cards) into your mouth and chew. The amount of chews vary depending on the type of item. The 'shiny object' for example, takes three chews. Chew tokens (the black things in the picture above) are available in limited supply each turn, so you'll have to think strategically about which things you chew to get the most glory points. There are also power-ups, like the double chew, that can help you get a leg (mouth?) up on the competition.

Guts of Glory's Kickstarter
page has more details about the game, in addition to a walkthrough and a Print & Play Starter Deck, where you can print out a version of the game to get a taste (pun intended) of what's to come. And, this being Kickstarter and all, you can back the game as well, with various rewards depending on your investment.

Usually when someone says 'board game' to me, it generally conjures up images of people sitting around a table, rolling 43-sided dice and yelling things like 'lightening bolt, lightening bolt' at each other. But a board game about competitive eating... in a post-apocalyptic world? I'm, like, so there.

Full disclosure: After writing this, I decided to back this project. Let the hunger games begin!