Fun facts (and back patting) about Konami's Puzzle Chasers on Facebook

Puzzle Chasers
Puzzle Chasers

Puzzle Chasers, the hit jigsaw puzzle social game from Konami, seems like one of Facebook's missing pieces. The puzzler has just earned its spot in the 1 Million Monthly Players Club (though AppData claims otherwise), and to celebrate, Konami has released a bunch of fun facts about the game. Of course, all of which pertain to the milestone Puzzle Chasers has reached.

According to Konami, more than 8 billion miles have been traveled in-game, which amounts to 322,246 trips around the world, 33,594 trips to the moon and 164 trips to Mars. A whopping 17,826,460 units of energy have been used in-game, while there have been 1,625,906 trips to different countries by players.

A massive 127,658 lamps have been purchased in Puzzle Chasers (the most popular lamp being the floor lamp, with 95,197 purchased). That means, if each lamp uses a single 60 watt bulb, the the total power usage would equal 7.66 Gigawatts. That's 0.27% of the world's lighting power, meaning a person could travel in time with a modified DeLorean 6.33 times. So, if you look at it in terms of goofy, extrapolated statistics, Puzzle Chasers is doing just fine.

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